2019 Public Works Conference Program

Program subject to changes. More to be announced.

Top Capital Programs & Outlook on Publicly Funded ConstructionRebekah Morris – Come hear which public agencies in the state have the most funding allocated in their 5-yr Capital Improvement Plans (CIP), including specific planned projects. The data will also be put into context with other segments including private development and housing. Attendees will also be treated to an updated procurement analysis detailing the price of current bids compared to the budget and the use of alternative delivery contract types.

Funding for Arizona Transportation Projects – From the state to the local level, funding for transportation is an ever-changing topic. Policies shift, ballot measures are voted on by residents, and government changes priorities. All the while, major transportation projects could take years or decades to move from initial concept through design and construction. Attendees will hear from both state and regional officials who are dedicated to bringing stability to the long-range transportation plans in Arizona, resulting in new economic development opportunities in the region.

Upcoming Capital Projects from Public Agencies – Hear direct from the public owners as they describe what capital projects they have in planning, how rising construction prices impact their ability to deliver construction projects, and what trends they see in the industry. Attendees will benefit from learning about the various styles of procurement preferences and how to do business with public owners in Arizona.


Public-Private Partnerships in Arizona – Come hear a lively panel discussion detailing the various opportunities for both private developers and firms that design and build for public entities. From airport to tribal land and everything in between, this space is growing at every turn. Attendees will benefit from learning about the constraints and opportunities that the public agencies see and how they will partner with the private side to bring projects to fruition.

Closing Remarks & Raffle Prize Drawing – Finishing strong, attendees will have a chance to win awesome raffle prizes (MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN) and hear a quick recap of the afternoon’s program.